Why We Do It

When your customers think of you, how do you want them to feel? What about your staff? What type of culture do you want to create at your event or in your office?

Those are the types of questions that drive everything we do.

Ken and Laura, cofounders (and also the husband-wife team that fearlessly leads Epic Branding) have been in the business since before “branding” was a buzzword. Epic Branding Solutions started as Epic Print Solutions and serviced physical print needs like banners, soft & hardcover books, marketing collateral, board games and packaging.

We still do those things, and we still believe there is a lot of power and impact in having something you can touch and feel, but “Printing” is so much more than business cards and brochures.

Yes, times have changed, and thankfully so have some of the product trends, but there is a lot that has remained the same, like the power of print and our mission:

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Years of Experience

We're Driven People

OUR MISSION: to serve the great businesses that serve their great community. It’s really that simple. No matter what the color of the year is, or the trendy apparel item (hello dad hats and fanny packs), we believe that your identity should come to life in the products that you surround yourself with!

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We're Strategic People

There are thousands of things to put your name on, and we don’t expect you to know everything that’s out there. We get to know your brand and your purpose for the products, then, we develop ideas for you and we help design and deliver what you need.

We know you’re busy doing what you’re good at. We help manage the product and sourcing so that you can continue serving your customers.

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Ken Rutt

Founder & Lead Strategist

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